2013 October

User Manual Telkom University Website

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Here we tell manual Telkom University website the latest version. There are some conditions added to Chapter. I. Publish news in points 4. Tentang News Image, that is :

Behind Company, On the Home Screen

UPT SISFO IT TELKOM towards a transformation change. We started to change with the development of information technology in both the supply of the main applications for business processes run by Institut Teknologi Telkom with a web-based scripts, provision of infrastructure that is more reliable and faster backbone.

Governance and the Achievement Indicators Blogging and Blog

Internet provides a huge revolution in human civilization. Human civilization changed enormously in personal and community life. Internet has encouraged the dissemination and exchange of information very quickly as well as unlimited accesed from anywhere in the world. Everyone can interact and share information over the Internet to anyone with any kind of material.

Governance iCaring IT Telkom

Changes in world development requires changes in the needs of the particular content management support for supporting teaching activities. Elearning is one way to boost their lessons. IT Telkom as one of the educational institutions that also have paid more attention in the world of telecommunications and information technology must have the support of excellence in information technology.


Telkom Institute of Technology is a private university in Indonesia, which is the transformation of the School of Technology Telkom (STT TELKOM), are under the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT). In line with the transformation of IT TELKOM has a new vision to be a world-class universities.