2014 June

Socialization Igracias Academic Administration module

Bandung - On Friday date 13 June 2014 and has held a meeting of familiarization with the activation agenda Igracias account held in Building D, Floor 2 Telkom University Information Systems Directorate. In this time the meeting discussed several important points, namely :

Maintenance igracias.telkomuniversity.ac.id

Telkom University Information System Directorate is a unit that focuses on the information system of the university Telkom information services to the entire community. Telkom University has released a new integrated information system, All New iGracias for Tel-U di URL http://igracias.telkomuniversity.ac.id iGracias is an integrated information system (SSO, single sign on) where all academic and non-academic (tbsp, finance, and other-other) can be managed through igracias in accordance with the functional and structural status of employees.
In connection with the passing of the new system, the Directorate Telkom university information system to do some maintenance associated with igracias.telkomuniversity.ac.id function which is the portal for the academic community Telkom University. Maintenance performed on igracias.telkomuniversity.ac.id to the problem that recently occurred in the system, among other Gracias portal is

Socialization iGracias For Students

Information Systems Directorate (Sisfo) Telkom University back to inform the integrated information system, All New iGracias for Telkom University. This application will be used by the students for the academic needs.