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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Graduation Period November 2013

Student Admin, I can not log into the Graduation Application Username = 113109000           (Nim Lama) Password = 101090(10 October 1990) (Date of birth DDMMYY) What's the solution? Admin Please login to Get New NIM to get a new NIM. Username = NIM Old Password = Date of birth DDMMYY After logging in you will get a notification NIM and Password New New, then please log in again to your graduation with NIM and Password tersbut. Students Yesterday I already did it, but I still have to register with the BAA to be activated. Do I still need to BAA after receiving the new NIM? Admin Starting on 1 November 2013, you no longer need to perform activation graduation graduation BAA to register online. Please Get New NIM then log into the App Graduation, then you can register directly online graduation ^^- Students I can not input data overall graduation. I've been filling but not stored so it does not come out the print button Minutes Graduation. Field-The field is empty again. Admin Please fill once again ^^- the contents of the data on all of the fields used without the need to upload photos. Save data is already disikan, save and then upload a photo. Congratulations registering online graduation =) and complete the data, upload a photo, then print the minutes graduation, submit evidence of the online list to approve to BAA. I can not enter the student's graduation photograph both formal and informal. Admin If you have not managed to upload two photos at once, please upload photos individually. Upload a photo first. Save, then upload a second photo. Students Thanks Admin…. Thank you for your cooperation Admin ^^- Please contact SISFO or BAA respectively-each school if you have questions re. We're here to help you. Or you can submit questions via IFace or to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*= 0){out += unescape(l[i].replace(/^ss*/, ‘&#’));}while (--j >= 0){/**/if (the[j].getAttribute(‘data-eeEncEmail_sJXwbYYHUd ')){the[j].innerHTML = out;}}/*]]>*/

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