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Jobdesk ODE

Directorate IT Center, kususnya part Content Management and Information Technology Resources you need to employ to handle multiple jobs. each work will be handled by one of your. If you are interested in adventures with us, The following will detail the work that you deal with when you join us.

  1. Operator Website

    Code: Operator Website

    management hosting (Cpanel, DNS, migration Webserver, VM)
    Manage website content
    manage WordPress (themes, plugin, security, backup, SEO, integration, edit / create themes and plugins)
    Manage domain data
    Priority: Can make wordpress plugin

  2. Designer Controller

    Code: Designer Controller

    UX Audit Applications and Applications Handbook
    Create a guide UI
    Creating a design template guidebooks
    Make a design for marketing purposes / socialization
    Priority: Can make animation and video

  3. Event Organizer

    Code: Event Organizer

    Managing document auditing purposes
    Manage document financial purposes
    Managing a team of outsourching (audit work and salary)
    Managing the procurement documents
    Managing socialization
    Priority: Active social media


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