Panambulai Building Lt. 2, Jl. Telekomunikasi - Stone Fruit Canal, Bandung, 40257, Indonesia

Visits Institute of Technology Del

BANDUNG, Telkom University - Directorate of Telkom University Center for Information Technology (PuTI) received a visit from the Institute of Technology Del North Sumatra (IT Del) on Friday (5/2). Housed in a building floor Panambulai 2, Jonathan and Johannes who are representatives of IT Del greeted by director, Dadang Setiawan along with structural Puti.

Visits contains a discussion on information technology applied by Telkom University (Phone-In). Discussion was represented by the head portion of each section contained in Puti, including parts of the research and information technology services, part of the information technology infrastructure, and part of the development of information technology products. In addition to discussion, IT Del representatives also visited the workplace of each section contained in Puti.

Event visits conducted by IT Del aims to determine how the information technology systems that run on the Tel-U. The hope, information technology system applied by the Tel-U can be applied to IT Del.

The visit was closed by the souvenirs of each institution. Thanks to IT dihaturkan Del acceptable to make a visit to Tel-U. Hopefully the visits carried out can be beneficial to both institutions in the future.

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