Lomba Blog Creativity Content 2020

In order to enliven Birthday Telkom University 7th, Directorate of Information Technology Center held a Blog Contest with the theme “Blog Creativity Content”, for registration can be via a link: http://bit.ly/lombaBlogTelU

(Verify login using GAFE account at sign)


Aspects Rating Competition

Content Creativity Blog this emphasize on some aspects of the assessment which includes:

  1. Coming from the domain * .telkomuniversity.ac.id
  2. Each article has a minimum character 300
  3. Not from automated robotic system to post social media websites
  4. Should not have content that violates the laws and norms of the Republic of Indonesia
  5. Each article has been shared on Social Media (minimal 1 time)

Ratings system

To support ease of supervision aspects of the race ratings, we will assess the use of the system:

  1. The number of index pages, commencing 16 March 2020, via bing.com
  2. Index number of visits to a website through search pages of statistics in Jetpack, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster
  3. Index number of characters and images to every post through RSS Feed Website and sitemap.xml
  4. Index the number of backlinks to a website url that is registered by a competitor
  5. Total number of activities to social media sharing (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn), compared with the number of website content
  6. Email GAFE active, from the start of registration, up communications during race
  7. Reports on the results shared through Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

Examples of Technical Assessment

  1. Index number of posts via bing.com
    I view the number of pages by bing


  2. How indexes via RSS Feed
    via link: https://is.telkomuniversity.ac.id/feed
  3. How to index through Jetpack
  4. How to index backlinks through https://ahrefs.com/backlink-checker
    Through Backlink Reports AHREFS
    Through Backlink Reports AHREFS


  5. Sample Social Media Reports
    Social Reports Media
    Social Reports Media (one hootsuit)


  6. Bing Webmaster

    Bing Webmaster
    Bing Webmaster
  7. Google Anlytics

Special rules

The committee will go to all websites registered, and see social media registered by participants.


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