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Jobs As A Web Programmer - September 2019

Open opportunities for graduates of S1 or D3 for a career as a

Web Applications

The Directorate of Information Systems, Telkom University

Qualifications WEB PROGRAMMER :

Man / Woman, Maximum age 25 year
Graduates of Informatics, Information Systems, Information technology or other computer-related majors
Mastering PHP Programming Language, Javascript, and have the ability to quickly master new programming languages ​​is preferable
Experienced in development work or modification of CMS applications (Content Management System) or an existing application
Understanding the concept of Database
Experienced in connect / integrate applications with the API, Social media, Announcements
Willing to work hard and disciplined and diligent study of existing software
Want to Learn and able to work under pressure
Having good communication skills and able to work in teams or individually

Part of Research and Development Information System

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