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At the date of 14 June 2016, Communication and Division Service perform electrical system installations in the new data center. In this regard the stretcher, then the entire web application and can not be accessed by internal and external Tel-The. The installation process takes terebut 23 hours until the process is completed the next day. Telkom University Information System Directorate is a unit that focuses on the information system of the university Telkom information services to the entire community. Telkom University has released a new integrated information system, All New iGracias for Tel-U di URL iGracias is an integrated information system (SSO, single sign on) where all academic and non-academic (tbsp, finance, and other-other) can be managed through igracias in accordance with the functional and structural status of employees. In connection with the passing of the new system, the Directorate Telkom university information system to do some maintenance associated with function which is the portal for the academic community Telkom University. Maintenance performed on to the problem that recently occurred in the system, among other Gracias portal is:     1.Previous database that exists is [225 and 226]. Application is directed only at the cluster database is not on the database.       The database is only accessible to one database cluster is not done to the two places, namely on [225]. Database [226] standby.     2. CPU status declined in the background job. Solutions that do SISFO is sincronisasi of data each clock off.   Of infrastructure and content issues that occur is slow igracias access . the solution offered is :     1. Upload speed test 2. Changes do network scheme.     3. Igracias connected directly to the IP instead of domain names. If igracias connection directly to the domain name RACDB slower than direct connections to IP.     4. Do transfer the power supply from previously performed to a dedicated power supply for the data center where capacity is greater 5. AC installation is also done in the data center

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