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Employer Identification Rule Making

  1. An employee is required to create the identity or email signature for each email delivery containing: a. name with academic degrees, b. functional position of lecturer (If there are), c. structural position and location of the work unit (If there are), d. address and telephone number of the office, e. personal cell phone numbers are allowed to be contacted (to lecturers guardian is required to include at least one mobile phone number), f. website address consisting of the website and subdomains where the unit is located.
  2. All lecturers are required to create a profile on Google schollar ( with regard to charging the publication of research and shall include links to websites or sub-domains below
  3. All employees include the identity of the campus with the campus email address ( and or a website address ( in any activity outside the campus who do as citizens of the campus, as in association, scientific or other official comments, external blog, and other external media. examples Identity (Signature): Ahmad Tri Firdaus, ST., MT. Director of External Communications Lecturer University Information System Telkom Jl. Telecommunications Canal Buah Batu Bandung 40257 Indonesia Tel: 62-22-756 4108 Ext: 2216, 2068, 2070, 2066

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