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Discussion meeting Adobe License

BANDUNG, Telkom University - Friday (30/1) the content unit and Resources Information Technology Information Technology Center Telkom University (Kosmos) discussions with PT. Tekno Logic Main, represented by Michael and Gian. PT. Tekno Main Logic is a vendor that provides services Adobe Telkom University (Phone-In). A meeting on Panambulai Building Floor 2 to discuss the problems that may occur when the service implementation Adobe.

Adobe is a software that can be used one of them for the purposes of digital content. Tel-U has been working with Adobe to meet the needs of students, lecturer, and officers. Adobe licenses that have been used by some labs Faculty has so far not found a problem. Due to a limited number, Adobe licenses owned by the Tel-U shall be given to each individual, but only in the lab each Faculty.

In addition to discussing the obstacles faced, the meeting discussion was conducted regarding the program will be conducted in the future. One of the activities that will be implemented in the future, Adobe is the utilization of services by training or lectures to be delivered by PT. Techno Logic Page. Training or lectures that will be done will introduce the software and its features Adobe who can help students. With this activity, students are expected to maximize the service facilities provided by the Tel-U.

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