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Socialization Igracias Academic Administration module

Bandung - On Friday date 13 June 2014 and has held Socializing with account activation agenda Igracias ( held in Building D, Floor 2 Telkom University Information Systems Directorate. In the socialization has delivered some important things that :   1. Socialization academic applications for Kaprodi 2. Socialization academic applications for Lecturer Guardian.   3. Other agenda form igracias account info for lecturers LB and Filing tune admin account Prodi socialization session was divided into two batches, which was attended by the respective Kaprodi-each Faculty, representatives of lecturers, and admin department of each faculty and Kaur LAK. The event also presented some related performance improvement plan, among others:   1. Development of a replacement schedule application,   2. Notifications via SMS on a replacement schedule for the lecturer,   3. Presence or the presence of students or faculty absenteeism done using RFID for public lectures,   4. Report the percentage of attendance for students displayed per grade for the course. Socialization is done in stages, that is:   1. Socialization iGracias for Students, held on 4 June 2014;   2. Dissemination iGracias to Kaprodi, held on 14 June 2014 and;   3. Dissemination iGracias for Academic Administration Officer, held on 18 June 2014. other than that, Igracias also preparing an application PA / TA where there is a menu option to publish journals have been created by students. The hope, This application will help lecturers and students to publish his work so that the public can benefit from the research that has been done. It is very important to encourage the Open Archive Initiative activities and encourage the contribution of the academic community in the academic world and research.

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