Panambulai Building Lt. 2, Jl. Telekomunikasi - Stone Fruit Canal, Bandung, 40257, Indonesia


Telkom Institute of Technology is a private university in Indonesia, which is the transformation of the School of Technology Telkom (STT TELKOM), are under the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT). In line with the transformation of IT TELKOM has a new vision to be a world-class universities. This certainly requires improvement-revamping because of the complexity of the process managed by getting up anyway. The entire academic community, include leadership, employees and lecturers, as well as students require sufficient information to support its activities in IT TELKOM. This institution has a Technical Implementation Unit of Information Systems (UPT SISFO) whose role is to fulfill the need for information with the development of information technology and services for data processing. Given the importance of an information, UPT SISFO presence is vital for IT TELKOM. UPT SISFO as a developer of information systems today undergoing a transformation with a frame of reference systems development guidelines. This is done so that the application development, procurement of IT infrastructure investments properly-properly aligned with business strategy IT TELKOM. Everything related to information systems become hot news to spur ourselves constantly changing, provide better service for all. UPT SISFO paradigm change that is now supported by 21 personnel will soon present to the entire academic community of IT TELKOM, in conjunction with the release of the new website UPT SISFO IT TELKOM. That we do, will not be of great benefit to these institutions without the support of all parties. For the sake of common progress, criticism and constructive feedback is much appreciated. And let's appreciation whole step change. May God facilitate the entire dream-TELKOM ideal IT information system. Best wishes, Yanuar Firdaus Manager UPT SISFO

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