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Socialization Application Final and a Final Project At i-Gracias

Information Systems Directorate (Sisfo) Telkom University back to disseminate the application of the TA / PA (Theta) pada i-Thanks. Applications TA / PA is an application that serves to assist the application business processes Final / Thesis at the University of Telkom. Applications TA / PA is useful for smoothing the administration concerned the ongoing process of workmanship TA / PA which are integrated in the I-Gracias. This application will facilitate students when taking TA / PA until graduation, as well as help section for Student Academic Services Administration (LAAK) in scheduling. Applications TA / PA has several interrelated business processes between users of the application, namely students, LAAK, Vice Dean for Academic section (Wadek 1), Skills Group Leader, as well as well as supervising lecturer, testers and reviewers. The explanation of use and business processes can be seen Expertise Group, Lecturer and Fellow Prodi Laak Fellow Fellow Student

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