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Socialization iGracias For Students

Information Systems Directorate (Sisfo) Telkom University back to inform the integrated information system, All New iGracias for Telkom University. This application which will be used by the students for the entire academic needs during a student Telkom University. Why? It is important to note that i-Gracias is an application that is intended for students of Telkom University, at the beginning of these students received, up to the student later graduated from this college and the effect on odd years smester 2014. While the old application will be closed and replaced by i-Thank you. Features Many of the features that can be used by students, Applications including Admissions Curriculum Application Payment Application Registration Application Application Application Presence Application Trusts e-Rehearsals Learning Applications Research Applications / TA / Thesis Application Application Value Graduation and other applications How to Get Accounts i-Thank you-Gracias using SSO account (Single Sign On) each-each student Telkom University. Students can reread the article about the SSO Student Single Sign On (Guide) For more details, please download the following file Socialization iGracias Telkom University

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