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FAQ About All New iGracias for Telkom University

herewith, beebrapa answer above regarding the question of access iGracias Tel-The. #1. Sentence “… Mr / Ms can access the old system through the All New Gracias for Tel-The” Which means the old system of fixed access via or past (I have not found the menu)? years: Sisfo implement the transition applications and data for one semester. Therefore, operational processes still used in conjunction with the transition process. that is to say, we are still using the operating system in each-each faculty (ITT igracias for TES, tass-is for TASS and TCIS, and SIMAK to Tebs) and gradually move the activity to the new account while the migration process is complete iGracias, #2. At i-lama thanks, in addition there are also accounts of individual account positions with different menus and authority. Is the i-new gracias there will also be that such? years: step by step, after integration of all employee data and organizational structure adjustments in the account in igracias telecoms university will be adjusted in accordance functional and structural related. thus, Gracias a new account will also be able to do the same thing as the old account. #3. After I log into i-thanks, email, and a new blog, after I logout from one application, it turns out two other applications still a login and can access smoothly as usual. Does SSO behavior we designed that way? years: When the active effectively, then other applications such as ITT's igracias TEST, tass-is for TASS and TCIS, and SIMAK to Tebs will be turned off. thus, please be understandable if indeed this time with respect to the above conditions then we can still do “SSO” on application-such applications because they use a different app. #4. What happened to the email account and the old blog? If possible motion, email accounts maintained for several years (sukur-sukur can coexist harmoniously forever = server can still receive mail addressed to @, remember the email address @ittelkom been used for correspondence to the outside and is used also as a key for some of the services account 'serious’ (example: IEEE, ACM dll.) To hell blog -because its content could diekspor_impor- most need to be redirector only, especially for blogs colleague-active peer and reader-his many. years: 1. this time, we released the first batch of the new account activation iGracias, email, and blog Telkom University. Next, we will do follow-up process after the activation of the activities carried out by all employees. 2. email is retained for some time to come, but the father / mother hope has begun to use a new email and forwarding the email to the old email new. other than that, should Mr / Mrs expected to start replacing correspondence outside using a new email account. Thus our answer for a while, we will put this process into question web. thank you for the questions and suggestions submitted because it is invaluable for the repair and improvement services to the front. — regards, Helpdesk, Information Systems Directorate SISFO, Everyone’s Sweetheart, Telkom University http://Tel (022) 756 4108 ext 2068 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*= 0){out += unescape(l[i].replace(/^ss*/, ‘&#’));}while (--j >= 0){/**/if (the[j].getAttribute(‘data-eeEncEmail_yjOdPNfOJc’)){the[j].innerHTML = out;}}/*]]>*/


Malam Telkom University

I'm Nadira, Prospective New Student Tel-U I want to ask, I was careless in seeing the deadline for Stage to payment 3 registration, how is the solution so that I keep going and not resign? Can only be fined? thank you

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