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Governance and the Achievement Indicators Blogging and Blog

Internet provides a huge revolution in human civilization. Human civilization changed enormously in personal and community life. Internet has encouraged the dissemination and exchange of information very quickly as well as unlimited accesed from anywhere in the world. Everyone can interact and share information over the Internet to anyone with any kind of material. Universities as institutions in which to learn and develop themselves for the entire academic community very closely with the search for and share information over the Internet. Faculty and students involved in the learning process is related to developing a way of thinking and thought to contribute to the treasures of knowledge in the internet. IT Telkom as an organization must also have a concept as a learning organization. Personnel also must continue to develop themselves so as to have a good capability to mobilize society together or complete the job. based on this-of the above, principal-subject matter relating to the use of the Internet to increase productivity, learning and learning organization as follows: Faculty and students as the active component in teaching and learning. Servants are required to develop and share an activity that can be measured as well as contribute to the repertoire of information via the Internet. The process of learning organization should be measured using appropriate parameters. thus, need the right media to encourage-the above. Blogging is one of the popular activities in sharing ideas and information through the internet. The blogging policies need to be prepared and blogging services to push this functionality. Media blogging selected is and Governance as the restructuring of the involvement of various parties that blogging can run very well has the following objectives: 1. Increased productivity of lecturers, students and employees to share through blogging 2. Regulate the role of the relevant units to improve productivity blogging 3. establish a formula to set a formal policy blogging is one of the personal activities of sharing on the Internet. Blogging began to bloom done by anyone who is active on the internet to share thoughts that are serious and not serious. Blogging became a mechanism for someone to demonstrate the existence and willingness to share. IT Telkom formally provide blogging services through selurg telahuh for lecturers and employees. other than that, Telkom also provides for all students in IT Telkom. Blog provided by Telkom is a blog that has been developed by the open source community, namely wordpress. and a non-commercial activities that fall into categories that allow using this wordpress. The second type of blog is the blog network is a service to provide facilities for the academic community blogging. Both of these blogs have a community of developers to plug in wordpress to wordpress become one of the popular blog on the Internet. Blogs are used is expected to meet for the academic community to share knowledge and insights. Both the blog is intended for lecturers, employee, and students to share their thoughts and knowledge through the Internet. lecturer, Mahasiswa dan Pegawai Sisfo · bertanggung jawab menggunakan untuk berbagi pemikiran terkait kompetensi keilmuannya · Membuat blog eksternal untuk aktualisasi eksternal dengan membuat back link ke · Menggunakan untuk mengumumkan segala hal berkaitan dengan proses belajar mengajar · Memaksimalkan fitus SEO di blog baik untuk artikel, picture, or files that are uploaded. · Mengutamakan menggunakan bahasa inggris dalam penulisan Blog. · Membuat resume pembelajaran mingguan menggunakan bahasa sendiri melalui sebagai bagian kegiatan akademik. · Membuat blog eksternal diperuntukkan aktualisasi eksternal dan membuat back link ke or internal blog. · Aktif membagi pemikirannya di media luar internet dengan mencantumkan backlink atau · Memaksimalkan fitus SEO di blog baik untuk artikel, picture, or files that are uploaded. · Menggunakan untuk berbagi terkait wawasan keahlian pekerjaan · Belajar dan melakukan penulisan ulang dalam blog sebagai proses learning organization mengembangkan kompetensi mandiri · Memaksimalkan fitus SEO di blog baik untuk artikel, picture, or files that are uploaded. · Bertanggung jawab memberikan layanan Blogging · Bertanggung jawab terhadap maintenance dan kehandalan system Blogging IT Telkom ( dan · Memberikan bantuan layanan help desk bagi Dosen, employee, dan Mahasiswa · Melakukan monitoring efektifitas penggunaan blogging Kebijakan yang diatur adalah untuk memberikan kejelasan posisi yang mengikat bagi pihak-parties involved. Party-parties involved is Lecturer, College student, Employees and Sisfo. The formulation of the policies applied are as follows: 1. lecturer, employee, and the student must have a blog address in your blog / 2. Faculty and staff shall be posting a new article in minimal 5 articles in one week. 3. Lecturers are required to provide instruction to students to make a resume and post it on the material 4. Lecturers are required to provide a resume assessment based on student blogs and appreciation more votes when using English 5. lecturer, employee, and students must create an external blog as self-actualization and create backlinks to or sub domain. 6. lecturer, employee, and the student must maintain the moral norms of ethics and professionalism and avoid plagiarism in the process of blogging 7. lecturer, employee, and the student must be active in external media to discuss and provide referral and back links to institutional sites ( or blog / blogging institutions ( 8. lecturer, employee, and the student must have an account facebook and twitter and retweet or share material blogs and other articles from the official account of IT Telkom. 9. lecturer, employee, and the student must have an account facebook and twitter and retweet or share material blogs and other articles from the official account of IT Telkom. Policy control mechanism Blogging and Blog as follows. 1. Sisfo own recordings internal blog list and blog / external web all lecturers, employee, and students. 2. BK made the requisite filings with proprietary TAK internal blogs and blog / external web. 3. Lecturer requires all students to make every meeting resumes subjects. 4. Lecturers are required to provide a resume votes subjects are put into internal blogs and give appreciation for students who use English. 5. Lecturer blogging process will be assessed and included in the performance assessment.

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