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Governance iCaring IT Telkom

Changes in world development requires changes in the needs of the particular content management support for supporting teaching activities. Elearning is one way to boost their lessons. IT Telkom as one of the educational institutions that also have paid more attention in the world of telecommunications and information technology must have the support of excellence in information technology. Thing-the background to the establishment of online learning are as follows. 1. Support for the initiative open access programs that accelerate the spread of knowledge and information 2. Improved learning more intensive interaction as support communication and learning 3.Dokumentasi pebelajaran without limits that can be done through online learning that can help administrative worthwhile learning process for accreditation. iCaring as Telkom IT eLearning applications developed using the open source Moodle. iCaring will involve units Technology and Learning Method and Faculty / Study Program to improve the effectiveness of its use. iCaring will spearhead the online learning process and documentation of the learning activities of courses IT Telkom. Online learning will gradually become an important part of the learning process of the current conventional. ICaring pemggunaan transformation will require the support and the policy of this institution to its application. Online learning, or eLearning takes the role of several parties including learning Management Unit, IT support unit, Faculty, Students and others-other. All this time, online learning has not been established as the standard rules binding on all parties to the application in the Campus IT Telkom. Content as a part of learning is also not yet formally regulated due to the strengthening of the content depends on the involvement of other parties. In this regard, This governance dimaksukan to establish good governance in effective active involvement. Formulation iCaring governance has several goals. Objectives Governance iCaring ( are as follows. 1. Giving clarity of the position of each party involved in supporting the strengthening of the content iCaring. 2. Increased support services to the user iCaring. 3. Has performance benchmarks of achievement-achievements that have been implemented or targeted. 4. Being a policy to encourage the use of iCaring as formal media online learning so that it can support the accreditation process of study programs. The policy set is to provide clarity for the binding position-parties involved. Party-the parties involved are students, lecturer, Prodi, TMP and Sisfo. The formulation of the policies applied are as follows: 1. All lecturers and students are required to use as a medium for interaction iCaring learning of all subjects actively. 2.  iCaring be open and accessible media (open) by anyone from the outside, especially for materials-material provided therein. 3.  Lecturers are required to use the media to put syllabus iCaring, sap, slide presentation, and any other material which is original material and not take away from other sources. 4.  Lecturers are required to provide a water mark on the material grains 2 placed in caring. 5.  TMP monitoring performance for use iCaring courses each semester. 6.  The study program monitoring the performance of lecturers to use iCaring each semester. 7.  Sisfo responsible for system reliability in serving the learning process iCaring online.

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